River Andromeda (download)

River Andromeda (download)


At the dawn to the information age and with newly aquired electronic capabilities, underground artist and multi-instrumentalist, Teale, records the electro-acoustic oddity, River Andromeda, while living in almost complete seclusion deep within suburban America. With darkly themed fututistic synth/bass and drum textures, expressive solo flute and moments of chillingly altered vocals, it is a like a mash-up of good versus evil. Due to the wildly diverse sonic texture and themes,

While listening one could imagine a chase scene in “Black Butterfly,” or a hauntingly dark tale whispered over heavy drum and bass trance with “Still Summer Day” or the glittering of a space-age highway in title track “River Adromeda.” The flute takes the lead as the featured instrument in the ethereal “Snow Flurries” and soaring above the hardcore sounds of “Shaolin Master” and “Daylight.” Not the usual EDM, River Andromeda is a unique and artistic misfit of the electronic music scene with its industrial, contemporary classical, and avant-garde influences.

Track Listing

1. Godspeed
2. Black Butterfly
3. Quiet Apocalypse
4. Shaolin Master
5. Snow Flurries
6. Still Summer Day
7. River Andromeda
8. Daylight
9. Sandman
10. Archangel I
11. Archangel II 

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