what his students say

I started studying music, for the first time, at the age of 56. I had a couple of teachers that started me on my way. Then, about six years ago I started to study the piano with David Freeman. It was a much different experience, a more progressive and positive experience. David Freeman is very knowledgeable and talented. He does not just help you play, he shows you how to embrace the instrument and the music. When I am having trouble with a piece, he figures out why and then instructs me how to fix it.

Another attribute he has is patience. David never rushes me or show any annoyance. Any criticism is done in a constructive way, with the purpose being to educate and enhance my performance. He once told me that he was here to help me, and that is exactly what he does. I feel blessed to have David Freeman as my maestro.
— Gail, Las Vegas